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City of Cuba is looking at campaign---a letter form about us talking with Leaders in Cuba Missouri!
Hi :
The Chamber Board would like you to come to our next meeting on Monday November 19th. They want to know more about what is happening. I spoke with the mayor and he is very interested. He said that he would be at the meeting if you came to tell more about what is happening. The Chamber meetings are at Cuba Lakes on Hwy O. Meeting is at 12 noon. Hope that you are someone from your group will come and share with us what is happening.

Press Release
October 21, 2001
a Chamber of Commerce Endorses Missourians for Rail Passenger Service

The of Commerce unanimously endorsed the efforts of MISSOURIANS FOR RAIL PASSENGER SERVICE yesterday at its monthly meeting. "We wish you and your organization all the best in your efforts" . Steven for the possible 2002 statewide Rail Issue says "just made things a little more exciting, has signed the petition and supports it and now word has came that the VFW in Lebanon will soon endorse it. Also the Lebanon Daily Record recently ran a commentary endorsing the effort. A big thanks to all the people of Lebanon for leading the way on such an important issue. Most people want to help decide this issue and people want it debated and voted on" and say "we are real glad and happy are coming through for the

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